Some tips for IVF in Puerto Vallarta

Its likely if you go get IVF in Puerto Vallarta you will be going with your husband, which is great! But I came by myself 😦 I found PV frustrating day one and I speak Spanish! in all fairness, as a well seasoned traveler, I have noticed that I am always overwhelmed the first day I am in a foreign country and almost hate it. Then I get a good nights sleep and see it all with fresh eyes and good attitude and it all looks awesome. Well I am currently sleep deprived and irritable. first day here taught me a few things I could warn you about. So obviously a lot has been on my mind considering I came to PV to get pregnant and not necessarily just for fun. Normally, when I travel I do lots of research about the best form of transportation where I am going. I didn’t realize until I landed I hadn’t done any of that! I had actually googled if they have Uber here in PV which they do! So I put it out of my mind, like, they have Uber..all solved!

Well not really. So I am not a taxi person. I hate the hassle. I hate waiting without being able to track where these dudes are..I hate it. I would rather take public transport than wait for a taxi. Here’s the good about taxis in PV: I can tell you as someone that speaks Spanish they are genuinely nice and want to please you and as much as they could cheat you they are humble and don’t. That said, I had to dial from a phone at the condo complex where I am staying for a taxi. Unfortunately I am staying on El Tigre Golf Course, which is beautiful, but is difficult for the taxi drivers to navigate..maybe I’m irritable because I’m sleep deprived but its getting annoying. I waited for an hour for two taxi drivers to find me (they didn’t) and two uber drivers to find me (only one finally found me).

I imagine if you are staying somewhere more easily accessible (drivers have to go through a security gate here) people picking you up will have an easier time. Anyway once I realized taking Uber here is kind of a bitch especially since I don’t have wifi. I text my poor husband complaining about how long it took me to get an Uber just to get groceries. He looked into getting a rental at the airport..$30 for a month!!!! Wah???

Unbelievable. First of all I felt kind of dumb after all this not realizing that I should have thought about renting a car in the first place. PV does not have a good public transportation system, and the taxis are good but its old school. Im also staying a month..on a huge golf course that isn’t easily walked out of. I realized after day one, without a car I would likely not leave the golf course much, and ultimately that is depressing and boring. PV is so beautiful.

The good is that taxis are cheap! Going a mile cost me about $2? Less I think.. not bad. I can take an Uber to Puerto Vallarta (Im in Nuevo Vallarta technically and so is LIV, the clinic) and it costs about $7! Also not bad, but renting a car is $30 a brainer. So if you’re gonna be here a while, make it easier on yourself and have a car rented and ready to go for you because thats super cheap too.

In addition to this transportation wisdom I can import to you. I got a crash course today on grocery stores here. I had done some research on this. I am a fan of buying my own food as I have a lot of food allergies and eating out a lot makes me fat.

The best grocery stores near me are Walmart and El Chadraui? So I first went to Walmart…its definitely just a Mexican Walmart…pretty busy..OK grocery selection. You can get your basics..basic vegetables,, dairy, some bakery items etc. I was dissappointed because I wanted fresh olives…I knew those would be hard to find in Mexico ..and they are..they only had unrefrigerated ones in vinegar…ew. I got some avocados, cucumbers, chocolate. I took a taxi over to El Chadraui after..I actually liked it better…though I think it was a tad more was emptier..yay! and they had a better selection of avocados and olives (though all still in vinegar).

I hope people find this helpful. I am getting a rental car tomorrow! And I visit the clinic Thursday to discuss my plan. Wish me luck!

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